Examples of calculated data obtained for neurophysin

Biochemical software

Joint analysis of the effect of key mutations

Bovine neurophysins, which have typically served as the paradigm for neurophysin behavior, are metastable in their disulfide-paired folded state and require ligand stabilization for efficient folding from the reduced state
Direction of affinity change
A value lg(cond(W)) that shows the stability of a biological complex and shows the direction of change in the affinity of a dimer under various mutations.
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Three-dimensional structure of the dimeric complex
Thus, the software developed by our group allows us to determine the direction of the change in affinity upon binding of a double peptide to a protein, upon introducing substitutions (mutations) into a protein.

Software that allows you to get preliminary results before conducting a laboratory experiment!
Structure of wild-type protein and structure after mutation Q58V

Examples using small molecules are given below

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